A father and son enjoy a spring day in downtown Battle Creek.
Battle Creek Downtown Partnership, establishing downtown Battle Creek, MI as a vibrant, livable, urban center.
Heritage Tower
Battle Rock
The Downtown Transformation Initiative (DTI), announced in 2008, laid the groundwork for a long-term transformation of Battle Creek with public and private resources over multiple years to revitalize the central business district. A downtown where food-science, innovation and growth strategies synergize with education and urban lifestyles.  The DTI works through the use of four interactive pillars:

Food Protection:  The centerpiece of our food-science innovation growth strategy is the creation of the International Food Protection Training Institute which is dedicated to improving food safety by building training systems, providing evidence-based curricula, and delivering training for U.S. and international public and private sector food safety professionals that span their entire careers.

Education:  Relocating the Battle Creek Area Math and Science Center to the downtown and offer internships to the top math and science students in the area through its reach into the top companies located in the community.

Company Expansion/Private Investment:  Increase the demand for companies to expand upon the services provided by our downtown businesses through attraction and the addition of white collar jobs within the downtown footprint.

Streetscape Enhancement:  Through public input, a new streetscape was designed; increase the long-term sustainability of the city infrastructure as well provide an attractive location for additional investment.
The goal of the DTI was to revitalize and enhance the central business district from a manufacturing-oriented downtown to a new community-focused district nurtured by research, mixed-use development, information technology, niche retail, cleanliness and safety alongside an innovative brand.  The vision – Battle Creek is an innovation-growth community with sustainable infrastructures that nurture family-friendly, healthy and educated lifestyles.

In addition to the revitalization of our central business district, downtown Battle Creek needed to be a location where world-renowned companies are proud to operate and attract top talent.  Downtown Battle Creek is home to Kellogg’s World Headquarters, W.K. Kellogg Research Institute, W.K. Kellogg Foundation and the Hart-Dole-Inouye Federal Center.

Within the context of the City, the community values our heritage making positive change within any context and challenge, therefore the goal of the project was focused on building momentum to reposition ourselves for the future.

The reach of the project’s effectiveness can be felt from residents within the City of Battle Creek to neighboring communities and regional and state.  Key partnerships include but not limited to the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Kellogg Company, McCamly Plaza Hotel, Battle Creek Public Schools, City of Battle Creek, Battle Creek Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Small Business Development Fund. 
New Holland Brewing
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MCCamly Hotel

Past Projects in downtown Battle Creek:

Festival Market Square

Construction began on September 10, 2014 on a new Festival Market Square in downtown Battle Creek.  The redesign enabled better use of the space for programming - a different objective than its original use.

The redesign includes a canopy, flag poles, planter pots and light ballards at the corner, decorative concrete and various trees and plantings.  A new stage allows for concerts with an open space for additional programming.

The Battle Creek Farmers Market and Festival Market Music Concert Series returned to Festival Market Square in 2015.  

The project was led by the City of Battle Creek.  For more information, visit Festival Market Square.



New planters adorn Michigan Avenue as part of the streetscape upgrades made possibly by the Downtown Transformation Initiative, Battle Creek, MI
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