A father and son enjoy Spring in downtown Battle Creek.
Battle Creek Downtown Partnership, establishing downtown Battle Creek, MI as a vibrant, livable, urban center.

Rob Peterson
Downtown Development Director
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Alyssa Jones
Business Development & Communications Manager
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115 W. Michigan Avenue
Battle Creek, MI 49017
Phone: 269-968-1622
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The mission of the Battle Creek Downtown Partnership is to establish downtown Battle Creek as a vibrant, livable, urban center.  While the downtown environ constantly changes, our vision and core values help us focus on creating a sustainable future.

Our Vision

Create a popular destination with a great mix of boutiques, restaurants, arts, and attractions;

Offer a welcoming, safe, and vital downtown where people are open-minded and friendly and where the community nurtures its resources;

Maintain a prosperous, beautiful, and unique downtown that welcomes and attracts a diversity of people -- in terms of age, ethnicity, and religion; a downtown that is exciting, different, and visually appealing;

Committed to health and fitness because of its unique history in Battle Creek; and

Cultivate a highly entrepreneurial downtown where you'll find continuous growth --we're making new history everyday -- vital businesses, and high-tech, high-skilled, high-paid jobs.

Our Core Values

We believe that entertainment, art, and culture are key to the redevelopment of downtown.

We see the downtown as the epicenter for business, financial and governmental institutions.

We are committed to maintaining a safe, welcoming, and walkable environment.

We value our cultural history of health, and the presence of religion and education in the downtown.

Information provided herein will keep you informed on all the moving parts downtown as we focus on creating a vibrant, livable, urban center.
Goal: Establish downtown Battle Creek as a vibrant, livable urban center

Objective:Ensure downtown infrastructure and amenities support a healthy business climate.
Strategy: Maintain events and encourage programming activity in downtown
Strategy: Explore infrastructure/beautification enhancements to Festival Market Square
Strategy: Develop and launch a public arts project with partners
Strategy: Act as liaison for downtown maintainence, parking and policing issues for downtown users and city officials
Strategy: Ensure downtown retail and event amenities and conditions support employees, visitors and residents

Objective: Market downtown as an investment opportunity.
Strategy: Attract six targeted commercial users
Strategy: Support major employer expansion and supplier attraction opportunities
Strategy: Maintain events and encourage programming activity in downtown

Objective: Encourage blight reduction
Strategy: Attract redevelopment to vacant land and blighted spaces
Strategy: Implement exit strategy for BCU-owned properties
Strategy: Assist existing property owners and tenants to invest in building improvements
Strategy: Work with local government to enforce code compliance and regulations
Strategy: Match real estate demand to developer and end-user needs
Battle Creek Downtown Partnership
115 W. Michigan Avenue | Battle Creek | MI | 49017
(269) 968-1622
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